Ages of Compromise

hawk thine wares (for this is the internet we have)

which is to say, i have added a print shop to this site, it will funnel proceeds into my pockets, i will then use these proceeds to pay rent, or buy potato chips, as needed/capable.
buy stuff, or complain about the prices, i’ll take any interaction you got.

they come in neat packages, so go order something already – jeeeze

peeing plastics (wip, drawing on paper)

as usual, i draw. and i post too much to twitter, so i have to upgrade my internet tether, soon i will be fully tethered and every last bit of my processes shall be perpetually posted online for potential monetization by people smarter than me.

the miscellaneous has value

sketches, and the general ephemera or something like it at least that kinda fills up some space