ConsumptiveGuilt Reflex

still drawing? yes. any shows coming up? nah.

still my favorite work in a long time… simple, imbalanced just right, some dumbness

start another thing why dont you?
you good?
“Unintentional Piece” – shit on paper 2022

rolled this up. plan was to work on it for 3 months and call it done, it went over to 4, another project stepped up in the queue, then a new idea came to mind, and it too jumped the line. so, let this one rest and i will come back to it in august or so and see it again and maybe its ok?

neat things on the internet

– gallery-dl: used it just now to grab a bunch of stuff off of my twitter feed cause im too lazy to get them again from my phone…

loop hero: you can feel the inspiration in this game