Dumpster Diving Mechanics

big gulp pixels

Again mostly its been game development as of late, but despite much studio renovations and crap, starting to get my drawing senses returned.

wip_2020 will soon become wip_2021

Testing new editor. Hm. Ok this picture has had a bunch of updates soon.

an idea is lurking somewhere in the mix


Yes, Toxic_Hell

Testing areas have begun renovations, scaffolding in place for further labs and spaces to test this machine in. As well as training morons to shoot.
Spoiler Alert: video above has a secret revealed, but I nail the obnoxious platforming leap within, I have failed it hundreds of time.
Rats are now kick-able, 1pt dmg, + explosion for 2, deadly.
Intro now has a cash grab as you fall. Get rich or die trying.

cat tax