Formative Deliriums

still plugging away at the drawings most of my free time as of late. contract for new studio all signed and sent off. its been 8 years in this lil room, moving on up to the big 38 meters squared. a life of luxury i never thought i would see. all those meters, so squared, just for me to draw this dumb ass shit in? and i can afford it cuz i make the computers hum a few days out of the week and tell people to reboot that shit when they fuck up.

more Cruelty Squad plz.
embracing the pointless with every spare minute available in the day. yep, made a TWITCHCHANNEL to play stuff on whilst listening to some stuffy lectures. pretentious much? you betcha.
will also use it to do some Toxic Hell development on, and various other random ideas.


updated my twitter bot to do stupid AF montage action from a pile of random shit that dates back to some outright embarrassing works.

wanted to work on getting more embeds and other toys in here, but facebook says:hell no to my site…

seems like a kinda compliment i suppose, to be called abusive and/or malicious by no less than a website associated with genocide in Myanmar. (and of course spreading general idiocy worldwide for cash money)

like if a nazi calls you a bastard, well good chance your on the right path in life.
and to think i was about to give them more info in exchange for them new sweet sweet oauth thingies.