Fringe Elemental

When the conspiracy is your own tendencies it is not difficult to unravel. Left side, “Untitled 2019” 2019 (obv.), right, “Trapezoid I” 2010. Same sizes, roughly same mediums in varying use.

This week… or other period of time. Well a lot of consideration, degrees of effort, results, production and the exchange of one magical thought system for the other (trust your “instincts” vs. think things thru), as if either manage to measure anything at all.

So. Keep working on things, cause enjoyment, or cause non doing is really lame.

Deeply wretched and overworked, seeking a method to save the efforts placed already and the bits which work.

A fair bit of work has been done, not much of it visible, somewhat in slow motion at the moment, but more player2 work is done, and some other minor adjustments.

If your in search of your next theory of why things are the way they are and if that can be considered something you can comprehend and not simply another shallow myth you will fail to receive sustenance from, I think…

OR if you no brit. And do not watch it here in little box, it’s too tiny here.