get back to the offices, we need people out commuting now more than ever if we are gonna kick this fucking field goal of 1.5C right_fucking_now.

  • Sublimation is the refocusing of energy away from negative outlets, toward positive ones.

Through stylistic or artistic gifts can the very pain of living at times be converted into valuable experiences. Positive impulses engage the evil and put it to their own ends, fastening onto its pictorial, dramatic, heroic, lyric or even comic aspects…. To write a tragedy, one must to some extent free oneself from- betray- the very feeling of tragedy and regard it from an outer, e.g. aesthetic, point of view. Here is, by the way, an opportunity for the wildest round-dancing through ever higher ironic levels, into a most embarrassing circulus vitiosus. Here one can chase one’s ego across numerous habitats, enjoying the capacity of the various layers of consciousness to dispel one another. The present essay is a typical attempt at sublimation. The author does not suffer, he is filling pages and is going to be published in a journal.

— Peter Wessel Zapffe, The Last Messiah[1]


untitled 2020 -> 21 -> ???

said i would cease working on this. did not cease.


current state of affairs – roughly
a year ago… i had some vague notions of making a mario type thing in a taco bell of the 90s themed dreamscape

it was supposed to be some kinda of vague goal to be done in python as a learning experience, it morphed into godot and then some kinda major project, cause why not, who needs to try and experience life outside of making projects for oneself. when the drawing is frustrating, i tend to switch and vice versa, when i started it was like total obsession tho.


(pictured: me. start of pandemic.)

yer car cant speed outta the grip of history