Rush Into Failure

arriving at this mistake or position in time to the left here was quite a lot of work. and now i have embraced the call of ‘white out’ or ‘tipp-ex’ as it is known here in germany.

<— Current State of Affairs

how to embrace the inevitable fuck ups in a drawing, not seeing them as fuck ups, but steps in a direction. and how that in the end is usually the bit that really make the work interesting. if i just nailed it all the time, it would become rather mechanistic.
as well, what i am aiming to nail, that shit is pure grade uncut fuckin ego. and i should knock that shit off and aim for improving what comes as i work. buddha emoji. so, more study, more breaks. like, this is what i do with my time off of work, yknow, breathing is good sometimes, try out the beverage called water, eat a leaf.

a link on the way out: “The experts have weighed in: Non-fungible tokens are dumb as hell.