Sediment Rinse

Works in progress or sketches… I have a thing for drawing something like parts of hands, or bits of misremembered anatomy lately, like my hand makes these motions pretty much without my guidance, also my hand can do most (Ryu/Akuma/etc.) combos from Street Fighters 2 and 4 the same way, like a nervous twitch.

  1. In the name of the holy guidance away from Facebook and all things anti-GNU feeling, I deleted my WhatsApp and placed my Twitter bot into full automation mode. Go go fediverse, (we never win.)
  2. More Links – Go to more sites per day for full mental health benefits.
    1. Words: Anti monopoly monies, with Corey D.
    2. Music: of the Death Metal variety, Cryptae.

Well I would say this should about cover it. And if you scrolled this far, enjoy a cat pic. —>

-ToxicHell gameplay footage, with sound! (again, made with Godot (opensource and healthy for the gut flora).)